Eric Miller and Clint Goss deliver an entertaining demo of Native Flute biofeedback. In this clip, we see Clint’s flute responding to Eric’s electrodermal activity over a background synth bed track. Later on the bed track changes over to koto / cello. A trend graph monitors levels for EDA, HRV, heart rate and BVP during the session. Info at and


Dr. Miller

Eric Miller, Ph.D. MT-BC BCIAC
Dr. Eric Miller, biofeedback therapist and board-certified music therapist is author of Bio-guided Music Therapy (2011) Jessica Kingsley Publishers . He serves as Coordinator for the David Ott Lab for Music & Health at Montclair University in the Music Therapy Dept. Recent international presentations include sessions at the World Music Therapy Congress in Seoul, S. Korea, Hsien Chuan University in Tapei, Taiwan, and workshops in Kiental, Switzerland, Cogolin, France and Torino, Italy. Dr. Miller serves as Executive Director of nonprofits Music for People, Expressive Therapy Concepts and founded the Biofeedback Network . Miller collaborated with Grammy-winning cellist, David Darling on the instrumental CD Jazzgrass. Eric can be reached at A video of Dr. Miller discussing the role of music in neurofeedback can be viewed at: Dr. Miller can be reached at
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