Info located to get an NRS-24 running!



burnt lexicor J1


Above – Lexicor card wth blown capacitor at J1 ..Kemet p/n T354E106K025AT.  It’s a 10uf, 25v, Tantalum, dipped solid cap.

Below repaired board with new cap at J1

fixed J1

Running with an empty cap on the old nrs-4 card!


nlx_running on fixed board


posted 12/9/2012

Instructions from Dr. Marvin Sams on calibration:

Your next step is to put in a cal signal to make sure all channels are functioning properly (if you haven’t already done it). Plug the cal cable into the A1 to A4 and the 24 pin connector onto Cap. Press Record, then the F8 key, enter 10 under “Enter Test Frequency in Hz”> enter and 100 under “Enter Test Microvolts”> enter. You should have 20 or24 channels of identical sine waves, depending on the unit you have. If not, you still have a problem of some sort. The good news is that if that is what you have, it is functioning perfectly. I would still go in under SYS (first line) and calibrate. It takes a while. When you get through, make sure is is set on Gain 32K, SR 128, and HP off. Sometimes it does not go back to these settings so they have to be reset.




BLXP INSTALL DISK:  http://biofeedback.net/go/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/BLX.zip



NLX – .. need to relocate this one.  Will post when found!





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